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Twenty Twenty Two



Oh Me Oh My, Liverpool




High School Sweethearts!


It all began at Maghull High School in 2011. Although we have known each other since we were 11, we didn't really get to know each other well until we were 16. We were in the same GCSE drama class and made some very poor attempts at flirting with each other. We both felt that the other was not our type, so we hardly spoke!


In April 2011, Siân (Elizabeth’s Maid of Honour) wanted her to go to an 18th party (in the Orrell Park Ballroom!) that she was invited to but Elizabeth was not.  Jacob's Best Man, Lucas, wanted him to attend the 18th as well. After a bit of persuasion (and force), both decided to go to the party unaware that we would meet our future husband/wife! Both 16 and very drunk, we kissed all over the dance floor after being pushed into each other by Siân and Luke (thank you to our best friends!). After exchanging numbers that night, we were awkwardly paired together by our drama teacher for a scene from Blood Brothers in front of the class (some of which were at the party!). A couple months later, Jacob asked Elizabeth to be his girlfriend on 4th June 2011, and we went to their Year 11 Prom together. 



Growing up beside you…


Since the party, we have been on an incredible journey through life and love. After finishing High School, we both went to separate colleges to study for our A-Levels. Every weekend, we saw each other and stayed at each other's houses. While falling in love with each other, we both got to know each other's families. Both went on to study at different universities: Elizabeth in Chester for Law & Politics and Jacob in Bangor for Computer Systems Engineering. We then moved in together for the first time in Bangor in 2017 when Elizabeth went to study for her Master’s degree. With the most perfect proposal, Jacob proposed to Elizabeth on the 11th of February 2017 in our first flat.   


We then moved to Manchester where we started our first graduate jobs and also became cat parents to our fur babies – Ziggy & Marley. After living in Manchester for two years, Elizabeth started a PhD at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk. As a result, we moved to Warrington so Jacob could commute to Manchester at that time. After living in Warrington for two years, we bought our first home together in August 2021, and are set to move in January 2022. Following 8 years of living outside Liverpool, we are both are so excited to be moving into our own home in Liverpool. We both grew up and fell in love in this city, and will soon be married here!


On 4th June 2021, we originally planned to get married on the day of our 10th anniversary. However, Covid-19 got in the way! We then reschedule our wedding for the 11th June 2022 (11 years and 1 week later  ). We cannot wait to celebrate our love for each other with all our family and friends at our wedding in Liverpool.




We look forward to seeing you all there - J & E


 Liverpool Town Hall

High St, Liverpool L2 3SW

Please arrive from 2:30pm and no later than 2:45pm

Ceremony at 3pm.

5 minute walk to…


Oh Me Oh My

West Africa House, 25 Water St, Liverpool L2 0RG

Three Graces Wedding Breakfast and

dancing to follow… 4pm til 1am


As much as we would love to invite all family, friends & little ones, we have decided not to invite children (other than our Flower Girl and Groomsman). Our evening venue also does not allow children past 11pm. This way, you can let your hair down and have fun!


Due to our ceremony and evening venue capacity & us both having a huge family and lots of friends, we are really sorry but we are not allowing for additional plus ones. The name that the invitation is addressed to coincides with the number of people your invite allows for. 

Please note below all mains will include Honey-Glazed Root Veg & Dauphinoise Potatoes, with Tea, Coffee & Handmade Chocolate Truffles being served after desert.


If you have any questions or want to know more, please just drop us an email:


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